1 – Required Materials

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This stage is the foundation upon which the website will be built. The following materials are required: logos, web content, detailed specification, sitemap creation, creative and technical briefs. To see the list of required materials, click here.

2 – Layout and design

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With the help of the creative brief and information gathered, the project would move to the design phase. Client will be given design mock ups for feedback. Making sure that the design meets the client’s vision of the site. Design mockups include homepage, multiple internal pages, desktop and mobile views.

3 – Development & programming

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Once the design is approved, we move on to the development phase. The technical brief and sitemap prepared in stage one will allow us to outline the project workflow. With efficient planning and specific milestones, we will begin development. Here is where the website will come to life, encompassing all the elements and features required. Clients can choose to get involved at this stage to witness the making of a website.

4 – Implementation of materials

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Now that phase 2 & 3 are complete, we can start integrating the materials prepared in the first phase. This is a simple process that even the client can undertake if they wish to. It is done through a content management system.

5 – Beta testing, review

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Once all the phases are complete, the site is uploaded for the beta test phase. This is an opportunity for the client to share their site with acquaintances for review and feedback.

Browser compatibility tests and bug sweeps are conducted in this stage to ensure the site is performing as it should prior to launch.
Upon approval, the website is then launched.