POS Synchronize

Connect and sync data on a real-time basis


POS Sync is a scheduled automatic copying of data between your Point of Sale (POS) software and your eCommerce website, and it’s become more and more important, whether you sell online or just use your website as a catalog.

Whatever you are selling, your inventor will change from day to day even on an hourly basis, and you need to keep the website data similar to your warehouse inventory, same products, same quantity and prices, and any type of data.

Example, you have a computer store, selling printers, you have 2 specifics printer in your shop, a customer passed by and purchased the 2 available printers, now you need to reduce the quantity on your website to prevent people online from buying the same printer while you don’t currently have it available, in this case you need our POS Sync work to ensure that changes, additions and deletions performed to automatically reflected between your physical store and your online store.


of POS real-time synchronization

  • No longer manually data update

  • Display inventory in real time

  • Avoid over-selling mistakes

  • Improve product availability

  • Avoid mistakes and errors

  • Any POS with export CSV is compatible