POS Synchronize

Connect and sync data on a real-time basis


POS Sync, short for Point of Sale Synchronization, is the seamless, scheduled process of automatically mirroring data between your Point of Sale (POS) software and your eCommerce website. This synchronization is increasingly vital, whether you’re selling online or using your website as a product catalog.

In the world of retail, your inventory is constantly changing, with updates happening every day and sometimes even every hour. It’s crucial to ensure that your website’s data matches your warehouse inventory precisely, including the same products, quantities, and prices, among other data.

Here’s an example to illustrate its importance: Let’s say you run a computer store and sell printers. In your physical shop, you have two specific printers in stock. A customer visits and purchases both of them. Now, it’s important to automatically update your website to reflect that these printers are no longer available to prevent online customers from making a purchase when the product is out of stock. In such cases, our POS Sync solution steps in to ensure that any changes, additions, or deletions are automatically reflected between your physical store and your online store, creating a seamless and synchronized shopping experience.


of POS real-time synchronization

  • No longer manually data update

  • Display inventory in real time

  • Avoid over-selling mistakes

  • Improve product availability

  • Avoid mistakes and errors

  • Any POS with export CSV is compatible