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Content Management System

We understand the hassle our clients go through to update the content on their static websites. Some accidentally mess up the code, while others have to hire a professional to change a single paragraph on their website.

A content management system allows the owner to take complete control of the website. Edit, add, or remove a variety of content such as text, graphics, images, sounds, videos, and documents anytime the need arises. You can add as many pages as you like, all without having any technical training or prior knowledge about coding.

If your website needs regular updating, like blogs, news, pricing of services, or event timings, then a content management system is a logical choice. It may take only a couple minutes to publish a webpage, but someone still has to write the content, proof read for errors, and type set the text.

If your website doesn’t require regular updates then you don’t need a CMS system. You can go for a static website; it’s less costly and easier to maintain. However, nowadays most people prefer to go for a CMS.


of static websites

  • Quick to develop
  • Affordable to develop
  • It is easier to host
  • Ideal for small websites
  • Easier for search engines to index
  • Faster to load on slow connections


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