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Also known as Tailor-made programs, To understand what a customized web app is, and if you need it or not, Its necessary to recognize its contrast, the ready-made platforms, developed for the mass market, such as WordPress, Magento, and many other names to list.

How do we know if you need a customized web app ? Simply, we search the market for the available off-the-shelves platforms, and compare what is available with your specific needs, if we didn’t find that one size fit all platform, then absolutely you need a customized web app.

For example, one of our clients sells goods online, at first we thought he need any existing commercial or free eCommerce platform, but when we get into the project details, we find that he need a features specifically designed to his store, like selling items with different currency base, and allow the customer to checkout and pay through the split shopping cart, and the result returned a good profit and high sales, allowing potential customers to buy and pay products priced with different base currency.

Invoicing app is a common use of custom software, often used by small shops, supermarkets and wholesale sellers to handle inventory details and to generate bills.


of CMS websites

  • Tailored to suit your working style

  • Independence and stability

  • Unique competitive features

  • Higher security

  • Attraction of lost special customers

  • Save time and money on the ling run


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