The technologies used to create websites have evolved drastically over the years. Web designers have been continually shaping and reshaping the way websites look. From text-based websites from the early days to the dynamic websites we witness today. At Insight Web Design and Development we make it point to stay up to date with all the mainstream programming languages to deliver top notch web design services.


[one_sixth] [our_service services_style=”services-large” title=”HTML5″ image_src=”” sub_title=””]HTML5 is the latest standard for HTML, designed to deliver rich web content.[/our_service] [/one_sixth]

[one_sixth][our_service services_style=”services-large” title=”CSS3″ image_src=”” sub_title=””]Used for describing the look and formatting of a web page.[/our_service] [/one_sixth]

[one_sixth][our_service services_style=”services-large” title=”Java” image_src=”” sub_title=””]Lots of websites use this language, and more are created every day.[/our_service] [/one_sixth]

[one_sixth][our_service services_style=”services-large” title=”jQuery” image_src=”” sub_title=””]A well written JavaScript code, used to create custom animations.[/our_service] [/one_sixth]

[one_sixth][our_service services_style=”services-large” title=”MySQL” image_src=”” sub_title=””]A popular choice of database manager for use in web applications.[/our_service] [/one_sixth]

[one_sixth_last][our_service services_style=”services-large” title=”PHP” image_src=”” sub_title=””]A widely-used open source language that is especially suited for web development.[/our_service] [/one_sixth_last]



[one_fifth][our_service services_style=”services-large” title=”Dreamweaver” image_src=”” sub_title=””]A full-featured tool for web designers and developers to create websites.[/our_service] [/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][our_service services_style=”services-large” title=”Photoshop” image_src=”” sub_title=””]A mandatory tool for building a website’s graphic elements.[/our_service] [/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][our_service services_style=”services-large” title=”Illustrator” image_src=”” sub_title=””]A mandatory tool for building a website’s graphic elements.[/our_service] [/one_fifth_last]


Out Of Scope

Adobe Flash has run its course in the field of web design, it’s no longer used to create modern websites. (Why?)

In addition, we avoid technology that is going to reach a dead-end such as ASP.NET to build websites. (Why?)