Thanks to social networks like Twitter and Facebook, more than 1.4 billion people all over the globe are now connected. With nearly half of the world’s population now on social media, companies big or small have immense opportunities to shape meaningful relationships with their customers. Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase of companies joining social media to extend their marketing efforts.

The social platforms are constantly evolving and improving, with the right guidance their benefits are easy to avail. Here are some advantages of social media that might pique your interest.

Business Exposure

Social media allows a business to place itself on the online map. It allows a business to extend its reach well beyond its geographic location. This is a convenient and cost effective way to increase brand visibility regardless of the size of a business.

Business Growth

Social media has evolved, conversations have now become transactions. It’s a powerful tool any business owner can utilize to attract more customers and augment revenue. But here is an issue. Even if small business owners realize how crucial social media is for success, it’s still a theoretical understanding. This prevents them from taking complete advantage of this platform.

Save Money on Marketing

One of the most appealing things about social media is that you can produce significant results with a minimal budget. In other words this is a highly cost-effective marketing platform compared to other expensive advertising techniques. And as you begin to get familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of social platforms, it opens doors to opportunities that can help you grow your business at an accelerated pace.

Boosts Search Engine Rankings

If a business stays active on multiple social media platforms it acts as a ‘signal’ to search engines, which means the brand is trustworthy, credible and legitimate. This practice boosts your search engine rankings and your overall visibility online thus, increasing conversions that ultimately lead to higher profits. This is a fact with blogging, companies that regularly blog enjoy 57% more traffic and 72% more leads compared to those that aren’t. Social media is also a great example of external link building and off page SEO.