If you are looking to create a static website and in search for an experienced web developer to work with, you don’t have to search further. At Insight Web Design and Development we create professional websites that are easy to navigate, that can allow you to realize your vision, and which will fit your budget.

Here are a few details on what a static website is; it’s quite straight forward. Static websites are being built since the early years of the World Wide Web. A website that contains a fixed number of pages and has unchanging content is generally known as a static website. These websites involve a series of HTML and CSS files that contain the structure and design, respectively, of each page on the live website. To make changes on the website a web developer has to manually edit the HTML and CSS files.

Static websites are usually used as landing pages, company websites, promotions, and events. It provides great benefits for small to medium sized companies. It provides useful information to visitors consistently and over an extended period of time. These types of websites are easy to create and host, while being a very cost effective way to market your company online.

If you are in the market for such services look no further! Here at Insight Web Design and Development, we develop both static and CMS websites to accommodate your web based needs.

A static website is primarily coded in HTML, CSS and Java.


Advantages of static websites

  • Quick to develop
  • Cheap to develop
  • Cheap to host


Disadvantages of static websites

  • Requires web development expertise to update site
  • Site not as useful for the user
  • Content can get stagnant

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