eCommerce Sales Boosters

Online shoppers will love it

eCommerce Sales Overview

Sales boosters are add-ons and customized extensions, added to e-Commerce websites to increase sales and turn first-time customers into returning customers.

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Loyalty Points
Repeat Customer Rate
With a loyalty program, companies offer points to customers. And in return, they redeem points for discounts and free products. The goal is to motivate repeat purchases and build trust between customer and business.
Useful both sides
Bundle is when several products are sold as one combined product. Bundling products for a special price is a common strategy that you we use to maximize the sales volume.
Discount by Quantity
Buy more, pay less
Quantity Base Discount will give a reason to the customer to buy more to enjoy more discount. The gross selling is beneficial in increasing the company profit.
The ultimate win-win situation
Set up an affiliate program to promote additional traffic to your shop. Affiliates will get paid for each time when they direct traffic or sales to your site. The commission percentage can be adjusted as per your requirements.
Gift Voucher
The gift that keeps on giving
Customers have the option to buy a gift voucher for their loved ones. The customer receiving the gift certificate can use the code provided on it on the e-store
Customer Group
Understand market segments
Categorize your your customers in order to send newsletters, information on discounts, or to communicate any type of store information to the selected group of customers. This will let them have privileges in the store like having discounted prices or dedicated tax rates.


of eCommerce Sales Boosters

  • Attract new customers

  • Returning Customer Rate

  • Facilitate stock liquidation

  • Grow your online presence

  • Expand your geographic market

  • Scale your business with resellers


Affiliate Program
Wood and Gas
Reward another business or influencer (the affiliate) for sending traffic and/or sales their way.
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Cross-sell related products
A bundle is a set of products that are sold together, often for a special discounted price.
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Customized Coupons
Discount code to boost your sales
Generate discount coupons for a specific product, category, brand or customer group.
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