Email Marketing

A professional way to inform the professionals


Email marketing is the process of sending a marketing message with a planned content, typically to a group of people depending on a geographical category, using email. It involves advertisements, request business, share some news, and product promotions.

Email Layout

The emails we create are built using html5 responsive, with many redirecting links to difference pages of the website, like categories, products, WhatsApp, telephone call, social media, photos and videos. all in 1 well designed email.

Delivery audience

We make sure the audience list is a collections of recipients collected from well know sources, like business exhibitions and events, in additional to emails addresses extracted from your company contacts, and we make sure to add the unsubscribe button in each email campaign in order to ensure no recipient is annoyed with our emails.

Email distributor and reports

We use engines like Mailchimp to send our commercial mass emails, it is considered a well-known and trusted distributor, to ensure 100% emails delivery, in addition Mailchimp provide a good platform to track the delivered emails and get back with a detailed reports, like how many people open your emails and interact with them (click a link in the email).


of email marketing campaigns

  • Connect with professional people

  • Deliver designed HTML emails

  • Include multiple links

  • Get tracking reports

  • Split audiences by countries

  • 100% delivery rates


Store Opening
Home and Outdoor
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Properties in Greece
Hellas Greek Properties
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Product Promotion
Wood and Gas
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