Email Marketing

A professional way to inform the professionals

Email Marketing Overview

Email marketing is a way to send well-planned marketing messages to a group of people based on their location using email. It can include things like ads, inquiries about your business, sharing news, and promoting products or services.

Email Layout

We create emails that look good on all devices, and they contain links that can take you to different parts of your website, like categories, products, and contact information. You can also find links to your social media profiles, photos, and videos – all neatly arranged in a single, well-designed email.

Audience Targeting

We make sure the people you’re sending emails to come from trustworthy sources like business events and your company’s own contacts. And to respect people’s choices, we always include an option to unsubscribe from our emails, so no one receives messages they don’t want.

Email Distribution and Analytics

We use platforms like Mailchimp to send out a lot of emails at once. Mailchimp is a trusted service that helps ensure your emails reach their destination. It also provides reports that tell us how many people opened your emails and clicked on links inside them, helping us understand how well your email campaigns are doing.


of email marketing campaigns

  • Connect with professional people

  • Deliver designed HTML emails

  • Include multiple links

  • Get tracking reports

  • Split audiences by countries

  • 100% delivery rates


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