Mobile Application

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Mobile Application Overview

A mobile application, often referred to as a mobile app or simply an app, is a software program designed for use on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

At Insight, we specialize in creating and publishing apps available on both Apple Store and Google Play. What sets our apps apart is their ability to harness the full range of native device features. This means that once downloaded, our apps can seamlessly integrate features like segmented push notifications, camera functionalities for scanning PDFs, QR codes, and barcodes, GPS for map-related services, and the use of the accelerometer, gyrometer, and compass, offering a multitude of functionalities for a diverse range of purposes.


of mobiles apps

  • Instant access by a tap

  • Benefits of mobile push notifications

  • Fast loading time

  • Using device features like GPS

  • Users spend more time on mobiles

  • Set up preferences at the start


Catholic platform for IOS & Android
Uniting believers and prayer groups worldwide through this pioneer application and under the mantle of Our Lady Of Lebanon Harissa.
App Store
College Notre Dame De Nazareth
School app, for students, parents, teachers and school administrators to manage courses, homework, communication, attendance and others.
App Store
Al Madina Al Jadida
Magazine and books app, on Android and IOS
Highlighting the values and encourages them to live, and shares with its readers life experiences that give hope and courage to move forward.
App Store