Social Media

or else, You’re dead


Thanks to social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, over 5 billion people worldwide are now connected. With nearly half of the world’s population engaged in social media, businesses, regardless of their size, have unique opportunities to build meaningful relationships with their customers. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in companies embracing social media as an extension of their marketing efforts.

These social platforms are continually evolving and improving. With the right guidance, their advantages are easily accessible. Here are some key benefits of social media that might catch your interest.

One of the remarkable advancements is the smooth integration of websites with Facebook using cutting-edge technologies like the Conversion API and server pixel. This integration allows for the sharing of user events such as adding items to the cart, initiating the checkout process, and completing the checkout, as well as user details like names, countries, telephone numbers, emails, and other pertinent information. This data is used to create cost-effective advertising campaigns targeted at potential social media users, resulting in more efficient and impactful marketing efforts.


of social media

  • Reach large audiences

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Ads Manager to target audiences

  • Track users and collect data


  • Real-time notifications

  • Real-time messaging system