Static Website

Showing little or no change


Here are a few details on what a static website is; it’s quite straight forward. Static websites are being built since the early years of the World Wide Web. A website that contains a fixed number of pages and has unchanging content is generally known as a static website.

Static websites provides great benefits for small to medium sized companies. These types of websites are easy to create and host, while being a very cost effective way to market your company online.

Unlike, CMS Websites and eCommerce Websites, to make changes on a static website a web developer has to manually do the job.

A static website is primarily coded in HTML, CSS and Java.


of static websites

  • Quick to develop
  • Affordable to develop
  • It is easier to host
  • Ideal for small businesses

  • Easier for search engines to index
  • Faster to load on slow connections


Tiny But Mighty
Healthy & Organic Catering
Located in Cornet Chehwan, Lebanon. Our main target is to provide healthy balanced meals for schools, cafeterias, companies, homes.
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Making eco-living a reality
Reusable eco-friendly shopping bags all made of sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics.
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Pleine Nature
Wedding & Private Events Venue
Celebrate special occasions, from weddings and engagements to baptisms and birthdays, in a calm and natural setting.
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