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Here are a few details on what a static website is; it’s quite straight forward. Static websites are being built since the early years of the World Wide Web. A website that contains a fixed number of pages and has unchanging content is generally known as a static website.

To make changes on the website a web developer has to manually edit the HTML and CSS files.

Static websites provides great benefits for small to medium sized companies. These types of websites are easy to create and host, while being a very cost effective way to market your company online.

If you are in the market for such services look no further! Here at Insight Web Design and Development, we develop Static Websites, CMS Websites and eCommerce Websites to accommodate your web based needs.

A static website is primarily coded in HTML, CSS and Java.


of static websites

  • Quick to develop
  • Affordable to develop
  • It is easier to host
  • Ideal for small websites
  • Easier for search engines to index
  • Faster to load on slow connections


Tiny But Mighty
Healthy & Organic Catering
Located in Cornet Chehwan, Lebanon. Our main target is to provide healthy balanced meals for schools, cafeterias, companies, homes.
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Making eco-living a reality
Reusable eco-friendly shopping bags all made of sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics.
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Pleine Nature
Wedding & Private Events Venue
Celebrate special occasions, from weddings and engagements to baptisms and birthdays, in a calm and natural setting.
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